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In 2021, a new chapter began for us, the creators of SHOEBALOO. Taking inspiration from our family name & legacy, we started with a fresh venture: STREIM. With decades of expertise in luxury footwear, this wasn't just another brand; It is a reflection of our love for shoes, our heritage and our dedication to deliver top-notch quality.

As time changed, we had to make a tough decision regarding SHOEBALOO. It was heart-wrenching, yet necessary. With heavy hearts, we decided to close the doors of SHOEBALOO. However, endings often signify new beginnings. Now, we invite you to join us on this exciting new journey.

Today, the brand takes a new form as STREIM THE LEGACY. It's more than just a name change; it's a symbol of SHOEBALOO's lasting impact and a promise that its influence will keep shaping the world of luxury shoes.

Even though SHOEBALOO's stores has closed, its legacy will continue in STREIM THE LEGACY. The brand combines respect for the past with fresh ideas for the future. Simply put, SHOEBALOO's mark on luxury won't be forgotten; it's just taking a new path to stand out.

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