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In the tapestry of the modern world, where the threads of tradition and innovation intertwine, the STREIM FW2024 collection, "THE LEGACY," emerges as a masterpiece.

Born from the pulsating heart of global cities, its inspiration draws from the juxtaposition of ancient cobblestones against the sleek lines of contemporary architecture, infusing each design with a story of harmony and contrast.

Crafted in the skilled hands of artisans from Italy and Portugal, the collection's craftsmanship is a testament to the meticulous attention to detail and passion for excellence.

Each stitch on the Primo Basket Suede, each curve on the Kinetic Runner, and each line on the Running Racer speaks of a legacy of artisanal excellence passed down through generations. 

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Primo Basket Suède Manhatten Nocturne BlackPrimo Basket Suède Manhatten Nocturne Black
Primo Basket Suède London Midnight BluePrimo Basket Suède London Midnight Blue
Primo Basket Suède Marrakech Mocha BrownPrimo Basket Suède Marrakech Mocha Brown
Primo Basket Suède Kyoto Grove ArmyPrimo Basket Suède Kyoto Grove Army
Primo Basket Mesh Tecnotic WhitePrimo Basket Mesh Tecnotic White
Primo Basket Mesh Eclipse Stealth BlackPrimo Basket Mesh Eclipse Stealth Black
Primo Basket Mesh Pixel Grove GreenPrimo Basket Mesh Pixel Grove Green
Primo Basket Mesh Virtual Berry PinkPrimo Basket Mesh Virtual Berry Pink
Sold outKinetic Runner Midnight Rush BlackKinetic Runner Midnight Rush Black
Sold outKinetic Runner Concrete Jungle ArmyKinetic Runner Concrete Jungle Army
Sold outKinetic Runner Metro Explorer BeigeKinetic Runner Metro Explorer Beige
Sold outKinetic Runner Steel Urbanite GreyKinetic Runner Steel Urbanite Grey